Wisdom Woods

Task: Brand Identity

Category: Education

Category: Food & Beverage

Two established individuals at the C-suite level of the corporate world, has given up their corporate lifestyle to establish a relatively smaller venture with the aim to realise their dreams. They are passionate in learning and coaching, hoping to create a world where everyone can learn and hence the birth of Wisdom Woods.

Wisdom Woods believe that learning nurtures wisdom hence learning brings a better world, through continuous development and harmonious living.

Their mission is to create an environment where everyone wants to and able to continuously learn and let learn, through the practice of their philosophies.

The motif of the logo is clearly intended to symbolise the term ‘Woods’, represented by trees standing together. The ‘Woods’, or forest, is a mysterious place, yet full of vibrant and diverse living creatures and flora, with hidden intelligence gifted by nature. The very name of ‘Wisdom Woods’ embodies the hope to offer a place, both tangible and intangible, where everyone has the the opportunities to uncover all types of knowledge and treasure of the mind, to feed and nurture the growth of wisdom from within every individuals.

The images of the trees are created to be deliberately different from each other, representing the distinctive nature of every individual, yet standing and living together in harmony. It is our belief that the diversity in people should be recognised and celebrated because it is essential in ensuring the co-existence and continuous development of human civilisations; much like in the woods, where the very existence of different life forms living collaboratively hence ensuring the circle of life is complete and sustainable.

The trees are rooted and the roots from different trees are intertwined with each other, which by nature allows the trees to stand strong together and to have the capacity to withstand all types natural environmental pressures and even disasters. They hope to instils this century-old value of teamwork in people, allowing people to understand the importance of collaborative living and the journey towards it. Furthermore, the roots were also deliberately illustrated to be strong and steady, representing the significance of having a strong and steady foundation in life, and in fact, in most things the company do and pursue.

Neural Circuits
If you put on a pair of new eyes, you will discover that the logo can also exhibit the neural circuits of our nervous system, where the circles represent the neurons whilst the stems represent the synapses. Scientifically, the more developed and the more connected the neural circuits in our brain are can be associated with better intelligence. Wisdom Woods aspire to offer and inspire learnings that not only improves intelligence but more importantly that cultivates wisdoms. The incomplete connectivity and the differences in size illustrate the point that we are not perfect and continuous learning is a never ending journey.

Art direction by: TE
Graphic design by: TE
Wordings by: Wisdom Woods